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Chal enge

Have you tried running?

How many times have you said to yourself "I'm starting from tomorrow", "I'm starting Monday" or "I'm starting next week"...?
You may have lost your motivation, you think it's too complicated for you, maybe you need a sports partner...
The Burger Run is an action from the Sweet Rawmance team. Through this initiative, we want to encourage and mobilize people to play sports. In addition to offering you vegan and homemade food at the restaurant, our goal is also to encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep in shape! 
So what is Burger Run?
We invite everyone, regardless of age, to run 100km during the month of May. 
100km? 🙄
Yes, this corresponds to 3.22km/day. You can  run, walk, stroll, as you want! Record your route with an application (Strava, Nike Run, etc.) and when you reach 100km, presto! you have won!
What do I win?
One of our 1000 vegan burgers - probably the best vegan burgers in Paris, made directly in our kitchen with 100% natural ingredients.
Ok, the burger is just a symbolic gift for all those who accepted the challenge. The most important gift is the one you give your body by putting it in motion! It is by motivating each other that we want you to participate in this project. 
Awesome! How can I get the price if I ran 100 km? 
It is very simple! After accumulating 100km on your app, just go to and order your free burger. Go to the restaurant with your score to collect your well-deserved burger! 

So, are we motivated together? Do you accept this challenge?


Can't wait to join you on the run!

The Burger Run.png
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